DMR Portable Radio

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Rugged Design
TP620/660 is strictly designed to neet IP67 and MIL-810C/D/E/F/G standard, making sure their good performance in potentially harsh environments such as harbor, manufacturing plants, petrochemical and contruction site.

Durable Battery
Two-time slot transmission reduces transmit time in half and thus increases talk time length. 2000mAh battery supplied in standard package ensures at least 14 continuos working hours in analog mode and 16 hours in digital mode
Improve Audio Quality
Digital error-correction technology rejects noise and static, providing consistent audio quality throughout its coverage area. AMBE+2TM vocoder further improves speech communication. 1.6W audio output and a 40mm diameter powerful speaker ensure louder and crisp voice communication
Higher Channel Capacity
TP620/660 can work with a single repeater to achieve twice the traffic capacity without relicensing or rebanding, which means two voice communications or one voice communication and one data transmission can transmit at the same time one channel
Migrate at Your Own Pace
TP620/660 radios can operate both in analog and digital mode by channel switcher or mixed mode scanning. TP620/660 can be used on the existing analog system, and when your budget allows, move to digital at your own pace
Versatile Services
TP620/660 versatile services including individual call, all call, group call, emergency call, radio enable & disable, remote monitor, radio check, call alert, which help to realize high-efficient communication and management
Text Message
When it is not convenient to proceed voice communication, text message offers a quite communication choice. You can choose one of the maximun 50 present message to have a quick transmission or write a free-form message by keypad

Secure Communication
The 32 bit and 64 bit digital encryption technology make sure only the intended person can hear the communication.