Commercial Portable

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Built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, and DTMF signaling are optional in order to adapt to different systems around the World. Individual call, group call, broadcast call and remote killing, etc. can be realized by configuring different ID signalings.

VOX (Voice Operated Transmission):
VOX allows hands-free transmission on the radio when using the appropriate earphone/headset.

Voice Encryption:
Voice encryption helps to enhance your communication privacy.

Password Protection on PC Programming:
Writing and reading passwords for PC programming protect the radio data security.
16 channels with scan:
16 communication channels provide flexible channel assignment among different user groups
Busy channel lockout (BCL)
BCL is used to prevent the interference with the on-going conversation. If BCL is ON the radio can not transmit on the busy channel
PC Programmable:
With the optional programming cable, the parameters could be configured through PC software