Kirisun PT446+
Licence Free - ICASA Approved for both 446MHz/ 464MHz Bands

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16 Memory channels:
There are 16 channels stored in the radio

PC Programmable:
Frequency and various functions can be set by programming software

Built-in 39 group CTCSS tone signaling:
Built-in CTCSS tone signaling prevents interference in the same frequency

3 Colour status indicator:
Lights red when transmitting, green when receiving, and orange while switching on the power

Wired clone function:
All stored data can be transferred to another transceiver of the same model by a specific cable

Time-out-timer can stop the transmitting automatically by presetting time limit to avoid any damage ca sued by long-time continuous transmission

Specifically designed for multi-purposes:
Security, airports, shopping centres, hotels, factories, agriculture, hiking, cycling, mountaineering