Commercial Portable

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Compact Size and Light Weight
Compact design allows this PT3600 radio easy to carry.

Enhanced voice quality
Its employs advanced voice technologies and 1w audio output to improve the sound quality during your communication.

Easy to use
PT3600 includes volume and channel knobs, orange emergency button and tri-color status LED. In addition, two programmable buttons can improve use experience and increase operating efficiency.
Keep in touch
High power and low power are available, can switch to high power or low power according to communication coverage need. In addition, it is with wide frequency coverage including 136-174MHz, 400-470MHz, and 330-390MHz and can meet different needs.
Long Work Time
Low emission and received currents provide 14 hours work time.
PTT ID uses DTMF code. It is used to inform the caller’s ID to the control center, or to active a repeater.
Enjoy the convenience of hand-free operation by the VOX function.