Digital Repeater

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100% continuous duty cycle
The unique cooling design combined with built-in heat pipe and intelligence control fan provides 100% continuous duty cycle at 25W or 45W output.

Smart detection analog and digital signal
Mixed mode realizes smart detection of both analog and digital signals on a single channel.
Professional 3U Design
Professional 3U rack mount design, with two handles, leaves enough internal space for duplexer, suitable for desktop or wall mount installation.
9 Memory channels
9 channels can be pre-programmed with different configurations, thus it is
convenient to switch channels for any required situations.
One Channel shared by Multiple Groups
FR550 supports decoding up to a maximum of 16 CDCSS/CTCSS codes in a single analog channel, and 64 CC codes in a single digital channel, providing wide coverage for different analog/digital users from various groups on one channel.
Bright, clear LED indicate
Up to 8 LED lights integrated in front-panel. It is useful to check the status of operation mode including analog/digital, power level, over temperature status.
Automatized Voltage and Temperature Protection
When operating voltage, temperature or voltage standing wave ratio exceed the pre-set value, it switches to low power or power off automatically to protect repeater from damage.