Digital Mobiles

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Compact Size
FM540 with compact size is flexible to install in the vehicle when spare is limited

3 Programmable Buttons
3 programmable buttons can be set to many function, which provides one touch operation including power levels switch and scan.
Improve Audio Quality
In the past, missed words of a call may cause delay of the work. But thanks to Forward Error Correction technology in dPMR vocoding process,which effectively rejects noise that can distort an analog signal and by comparison enables more consistent audio performance throughout the coverage area, thus enhanced audio is created, quick and accurate communication is obtained.
Versatile Voice Calls
A number of different functional workgroups is necessary for the growing business. Versatile Voice Calls can help to realize high-efficient communication and management. Private Call, Group Call and All Call are optional.
Security Communication
Information privacy is important to your business. However, in the past, communication is easily eavesdropped by unwanted listeners outside the working team when you are using the same cost-free frequency. Now, the 32-bit encryption technology of FM540 provides more than 4 billion customizable codes, which means there is scarce chance that other users can monitor your communication.
Easy Migration
The radio can provide analog, digital and mixed mode in channel configuration. Besides, it supports 5Tone and DTMF encode and decode in analog mode, thus it means you can flexibly choose to migrate at your own pace. The smooth migration eliminates the risk of hard cutover and reduces the negative impact on the business.

Remote Control
Disable feature makes it easy to remotely deactivate a lost or stolen radio, when it's found back, activate it by Enable function. Remote Monitor allows monitoring the surrounding area of the workers' radio to guarantee their safety and instantly access the current situation. Radio Check can check if the radio is active or within the coverage without informing the user. It is an ideal function for supervisor.

Emergency Alarm and Call
Dangerous situations happens without notification in advance. Safety insurance becomes knotty when confronting the unexpected. By simply touching the emergency button, alarms send out to ask for help. At the same time, voice and background sound are transmitting by the emergency call, which doubles confirm the in-time assistance.